One of the newest tools designed to help medical professionals is the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). Not only do these amazing devices help nurses and doctors stay organized and on top of their hectic schedules, but they also allow them to take their most handy and valuable medical reference guides with them wherever they go. Skyscape is one of the leading online providers of these portable reference programs, as well as similar software for desktop computers. Below is a brief overview of the company and what they offer.

Skyscape Information

Since 2000, Skyscape has been providing medical professionals with the software they need to more effectively care for patients. The company’s Massachusetts headquarters has provided more than 500,000 professionals with more than 270 types of medical reference software.

Skyscape also provides articles and other valuable information for medical professionals through their web site.

Skyscape Products

The Skyscape library of portable medical software continues to grow as the demand for these programs builds in the medical community. Everyone from medical students to seasoned professionals are adopting the technology because of its convenience and its patient benefits.

Skyscape’s library includes PDA versions of some of the most trusted medical reference guides in use today, such as Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, Griffith’s 5-Minute Medical Consult, and Bakerman’s ABC ‘s of Interpretative Laboratory Data.

Skyscape provides guides for over 35 specialty areas and for most medical professionals, including paramedics, nurse practitioners, and veterinarians.

Skyscape Product Updates

Because information is always changing and being updated in the medical field, Skyscape’s portable software is designed to not become out-of-date. With the company’s smART update system, the programs can be automatically updated whenever new information becomes available so users will always be one step ahead of the latest developments in their field.

More Information About Skyscape

If you’d like to learn more about Skyscape or its selection of software for nurses, visit Nursing iPhone Software.

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