Physician Recruiting

The Physician Recruiting Process – It Pays To Know The Process In a services oriented industry having the right people is important. It comes as no surprise that hospitals spend on average between $20,000 and $40,000 for recruiting a physician, the fees varying according to specialty, region and techniques used for recruiting candidates. Knowing the recruitment process may help you find a position quickly and possibly at a higher salary.

A typical recruiment assignment starts with the headhunter receiving positions from the various hospitals and health facilities. Typically the headhunters know the culture and the person hiring the position. Good recruiters, also make effort to know any special hiring requirements at the hospital. Once the headhunter gets the position they typcially reach out first candidates in their database. So it helps to have a relationship with a few good recruiters. If you are one of the physicians they remember whenever a position opens up, you can bet you have a better chance than other physicians in being interviewed for the job.

In case, the headhunter is not able to find a physician from their database, they may use online databases or check with their existing contacts for a physician who fit this requirement. So it helps to have your resume out in the job boards and also to send out your resumes to recruiters as soon as you are looking for a position. Typically, after forwarding your resume to a recruitment firm, a physician recruiter dealing with the concerned specialty will get in touch with the candidate.

At this time, the recruiter may ask for your practice objectives, family situation, hobbies and interests and information about why he prefers a change and other general details. Questions related to why a physician prefers change is important to any practice the candidate may wish to join.This information will be used to match a position to your profile. It is important not to be too narrow in your requirements, this may eliminate you from the consideration set for some jobs. You are better off with recruiters approaching you with a position and you choosing to opt for that position on a case-by-case situation rather than not being considered at all. Sometimes if your resume is dated, the physician recruiting firm may ask for a updated copy of your resume. Do not worry about sending your resumes to recruiters, the reputed ones always ask your permission before your resume is submitted to any open positions.

On finding a suitable position for the candidate, the headhunter gets in touch with the hospital or health facility providing the job and gives them the candidate’s details regarding his qualifications and credentials. The headhunter then forwards the candidate’s resume to the hospital or health facility. The hospital or health facility will intimate the headhunter if they are interested in which case a suitable time can be fixed for a telephone interview with the prospective employer. Information about a candidate is usually provided to the recruiter involved or the CEO of the facility.

This stage of the physician recruiting process is a bit trying to everyone involved as when the requirement of a new physician arises, the senior physicians working in the hospital or health facility who do the assessment and phone interview have their own responsibility and may not always go through a resume in time. However, it is the headhunter’s job to help candidates with their job search and go through with the physician recruiting process as effortlessly as possible.

Once the candidate is through with the first phone interview round, the headhunter will synchronize with the hospital or facility and arrange an on site visit. The candidate will be provided information on housing, community, practice and schools to get an idea about what facilities the employer provides.

The physician recruiting agency keeps the candidate up to date about the status of the concerned job through phone or email and also informs the candidate about other suitable jobs that the he might fit into. The candidate is also obliged to inform the physician recruiting agency about any changes at his end.

Physician recruiting is a major decision for the candidate as well as the hospital or health facility. Headhunters help by providing reliable, customized and complete physician recruitment services thereby facilitating the process as much as possible.


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