Physician Job Opportunity

Becoming a doctor is a dream for many, even though it requires considerable dedication and education. After investing so much time and money in medical school, however, the question is will there be a physician job opportunity ready for graduates?

Physician job opportunities

The good news is that a physician job opportunity will probably be waiting for most graduates. The Department of Labor predicts that the need for doctors will increase faster than average at least through 2014, especially as older doctors begin to retire and as the baby boomers continue to age thus requiring more medical care.

About 81,000 doctors today are self-employed meaning they have their own independent practice. Over 340,000 physicians work in offices with other doctors, surgeons, and specialists. In many of these physician groups, the costs for running the business are reduced because all of the partnering professionals share the expenses.

Physician job options by specialty

One can not begin to look at physician job opportunity without discussing specialties. Although specializing does require additional education, the ease of finding patients and the increase in salary usually make the effort worthwhile. Popular specialty areas include obstetrics, psychiatry, surgery, and pediatrics.

The salary ranges are impressive. For example, a family practice physician with at least one year of experience can earn over $156,000 annually while an anesthesiologist with the same amount of experience would earn more than $321,000. That’s nearly double. Other specialties also provide lucrative physician job opportunities, such as surgeons ($282,000), gynecologists ($247,000), and psychiatry ($180,000).

Loan repayment

Student loan debt is often a problem for new doctors because the costs of obtaining their education is so enormous. However, they may want to consider a physician job opportunity which provides money to help them pay back those loans while they are also helping the community.

The National Health Service Corps has vacancies for doctors and specialists in communities which need medical service providers desperately. For two years, the individual will work in that area and will receive funds to repay their loans.

To learn more about finding a physician job opportunities, visit Physician Salaries or Physician CME.

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