Physician Employment

A world of opportunity for physicians in search of jobs

Physicians seeking employment have a variety of options to choose from. Typically the family situation of the physicians, their geographic presence and their inclination for a type of practice are major influences. Experience also plays a vital role in the type of physician placement opportunity chosen. Those starting out in the profession or new physicians might want to choose locum tenens while physicians with established credentials might want to limit themselves to a particular geographic area because of goodwill earned. Physicians can also choose to work full time, part time or on a locum tenens basis depending on what suits them the best.

Bright future ahead for physicians

Physician job prospects are likely to be very bright in the future. Physician jobs will be in high demand due to the growing and aging population of the United States and an increasing demand for superior quality health care services which incorporate recent diagnostic tests, medical technologies and therapies. Scarcity of physicians in some geographic areas or specialties is likely to interest new comers and also persuade schools to develop new programs and hospitals. Physician job opportunities will be in high demand, particularly in rural and low-income areas. There will also be growing demand for primary care physicians due to recent changes in health care policy; increases in demand are expected in everything from Ob-gyn jobs in Boston to family practice jobs in San Francisco.

In 2004, the number of physician and surgeon jobs were approximately 567,000, of which around 1 out of 7 was self-employed and did not work for a hospital or health facility. Around 60 percent of employed physicians and surgeons worked in offices and 16 percent worked in private hospitals. Other physicians were employed in Central, State, and local governments such as private colleges, professional schools, colleges, universities, outpatient care centers and hospitals.

Finding the right physician recruiter service

Although the concept of physician recruiters was relatively unknown before the 1980, today physicians can choose from six to seven thousand recruiters to help them find the best job opportunity for themselves. Knowing the recruitment process may help you find a position quickly and possibly at a higher salary. It helps to have a relationship with a few good recruiters. If you are one of the physicians they remember whenever a position opens up, you can bet you have a better chance than other physicians in being interviewed for the job. It is also useful to have your resume out in the job boards and also to send out your resumes to recruiters as soon as you are looking for a position. The best recruiter firms in the US are Enterprise Medical Services (EMS), MD Resources, MD Resources, LocumTenens and PracticeLink.


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