Nursing Agency

For trained nurses who do not want to be tied down to a full-time position, a nursing agency may be a good place to find a position. A nursing agency, also called nurse registries, is similar to a temporary agency which matches employees with openings. In the case of a nursing agency, available nurses are placed in hospitals where their services are needed. Choosing this career path has both positive and negative consequences.

Nursing Agency – Benefits

Working for a nursing agency does have a number of benefits. First, the nurse’s schedule is most flexible. He or she can complete a hospital assignment then take some time off from working, if necessary. This approach can be helpful for nurses who are also trying to continue their education and find juggling a full-time job and school difficult.

Another positive is that the pay is usually better. On average, temporary nurses are paid more than the regular nursing staff at most hospitals. One reason is because of the travel expenses they incur. Another reason is that temporary nurses are often used in locations and in positions with a high turnover rate, so the higher pay is an incentive.

An excellent profile of one nursing agency that provides Chicago nursing jobs explains many of these benefits.

The Negatives of Using aNursing Agency

Before signing up at a local nursing agency, one must understand that there are also negative aspects to this career choice. For example, the need for temporary nurses may be reduced in the future. Many hospitals find paying the higher wages for temporary nurses takes up too much of their budget, so they are trying new ways to meet their staffing needs, such as providing flexible schedules to their existing nurses.

Another negative is that temporary nurses are not protected by a union. Full-time nurses are usually part of the union and have contracts with the hospitals which employ them so they receive adequate benefits, pay, and working conditions. Without these protections, temporary nurses are more vulnerable to the whims of the hospital’s administration.

Travel Nursing Agencies

The nursing agency discussion can not be completed without looking at travel nurses. Travel nurses usually go through these agencies and are sent around the country, sometimes even internationally, to fill the needs of hospitals which have a shortage of nurses.

Travel nurses do receive higher pay than most nurses and do have a chance to try out a wide variety of work environments; however, they do not have the stable employment which some in the nursing field desire.

Learn More About Finding a Nursing Agency

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