Nurse Anesthetist Jobs

One of the highest paying nursing profession are nurse anesthesiologist jobs. On average, these nurses can earn more than $125,000 per year (which compares favorably to many physician salaries, including anesthesiology salaries, pediatrician salaries and psychiatry salaries). Many men who choose nursing as a career choose this avenue: 42% of all nurse anesthetist jobs in the U. S. are held by men compared to only 5% of total nursing positions. More details about this profession are provided below.

Nurse Anesthetist Jobs: Training

As with most professions, the more money one earns the more training is required. To become a nurse anesthetist, one has to first be a registered nurse. Although there are several ways to become a registered nurse, you’ll need to go through a 4-year college and earn a bachelor’s degree if you want to pursue this career.

After becoming a registered nurse, you’ll need at least one year of experience working with patients in a critical care environment and you’ll need to spend 2-3 years getting your master’s degree in anesthesiology.

Availability of Nurse Anesthesiologist Jobs

As with any area of nursing today, there is a great demand for professionals. There are too many available positions and not enough qualified nurses to fill them.

More than half of all hospitals in the United States are looking to fill more nurse anesthesiologist jobs. That means a person trained in this field can pretty much locate anywhere in the country and find a good position making at or above the average pay for this job.

Because so many hospitals need to fill these positions, it is not difficult to be accepted into an anesthesiologist program if a person is a registered nurse and some patient care experience.

Nurse Anesthetist Jobs: Environment

Nurse anesthesiologist jobs usually involve two areas. First, these nurses spend time in operating rooms where they monitor the patient and watch for signs of problems. When a problem arises, they need to be able to jump into action and do what needs to be done to help the patient. Nurse anesthesiologists often work with women who are in labor, as well. They administer epidurals, for example, when the women need pain relieve.

Nurse anesthesiologist jobs do require some strange working hours occasionally. Since emergency surgeries and childbirth can occur any time, these nurses sometimes do need to be on call.

More Information

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