PDA and iPhone Medical Software

Medical software increases productivity

Medical soft ware subsumes a variety of software tools that make practice management easier – facilitating functions such as medical billing, patient and document management, appointment scheduling and reporting. Medical billing software is the largest category of medical software.

Thousands of practices ranging from small solo practices to big multi-specialty health care centers use medical software to manage their billing, clinical, and administrative operations. The software may be available as an integrated package or individually. Both ways, medical software provides a powerful practice management tool that enhances the quality of practice and makes it easier to manage day to day operations of the business.

Appointment scheduling medical software

Appointment scheduling software help in enhancing the productivity of the health care team thereby leading to better quality of service. This software blends smart scheduling and management features into an economic package. The software permits ‘one stop scheduling’ i.e. the ability to synchronize all parts of practioners’ and patients’ schedules from one point. The software can be scaled to adjust to the requirements of small practices as well as multi-clinic practice requirements without cutting down on features or style.

Medical billing software

The objective of this medical software is to mechanize workflow and increase the efficiency of the health care center to its maximum. There are many advantages of using Medical Billing Software such as, significantly cutting down the paper costs of maintaining medical billing records. The medical software also minimizes insurance related billing errors. Also, the software makes accessing personal data easier and provides scheduling flexibility. Lytec and Medisoft are examples of commonly used medical billing software packages.

Medical iPhone and PDA software

There is a huge variety of medical PDA software available in the market today. Also these gadgets can be highly customized to suit ones requirements. The major categories of medical PDA software are medical calculators, drug reference software, billing software, patient tracking software and electronic prescription writing software.

Electronic medical record software (EMR)

The goal of Electronic Medical Record Software (EMR) is to make the management of patient information more efficient and computerize clinical workflow. The medical software processes orders, procedures, lab reports prescriptions and other data that is usually done by a team of medical professionals. The software also manages communication and chart data both in a practice and outside. The software allows the health practitioner to access patient records directly using a computer assisting in providing better patient care.

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