Medical Careers Guide

Breaking into the medical career of your choice

Our goal is to simplify your path through your healthcare and medical career.

The healthcare industry in the US is growing at break-neck speed. It’s estimated that nursing will be the single fastest growing profession in the coming decade. Physicians, nurses and allied health care professionals are in constant demand.

In addition to rapid growth, there are also heavy regulations on the healthcare industry – with more licensing exams and requirements than in any other profession.

There are three phases to each career, and this site is organized to give information on each step.

STEP 1: Getting your medical license

Whether you are looking to become a registered nurse, dentist or cardio-thoracic surgeon, the first step is getting into the school of your choice. We’ve compiled the best review courses, nursing school and medical school statistics along with advice from students who have just gotten into medical, dental or nursing schools on what to expect come test day.

For the support staff, without whom medical practices would be lost, medical coding schools and medical billing schools provide an important framework for profitably running a physician’s office.

STEP 2: Healthcare job search

There are many ways to enter the healthcare industry – and we’ve reviewed a bunch. If you’re mobile and like to travel, locum tenens or travel nursing jobs might be the right way to explore your options. To help you make the tranisition we’ve built relationships with two major players in the healthcare recruiting field.

On our pages you can search for nursing jobs, physician employment opportunities, physicial therapy jobs, and a whole host of other positions in your city, state or the whole country.

STEP 3: Advancing your medical career

Once you’ve established your credentials and built a reputation, you’re stock increases. It’s important to know your value in the marketplace.

Our salary reports break down the national average physician salary for nearly 60 medical specialities and nursing salaries. Review what others in your field make – and find out if an extra certification can make a big difference in your salary.

Equally important is your continuing medical education. We’ve partnered with one of the most widely used free online CME resources for physicians, and have a wide range of information on nursing CEU courses.

Affiliated sites deal other topics in healthcare, from MCAT test prep, to work-life balance issues, to nutrition in health.

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